Watershed conference sheds light on challenges, opportunities for Kankakee River
The conference highlighted some interesting information about this. Robert Barr, a research scientist from Indiana University/Purdue University, showed that a large amount of the sand comes from the Yellow River (a major Kankakee tributary) in Indiana. He showed us how the Yellow River passes through these fields of sand dunes. With all the ditching and channelization, the sand erodes quickly. One important finding is that on areas of that river where some of the natural floodplain still exists, the sand deposition is absorbed and minimized.

Removing the sand was talked about. Chuck Theiling, river ecologist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, showed us a machine that is being used in Minnesota to filter out sand. This filter sits in the river channel and catches sand as the river passes through it. From what I could tell, it uses an auger to pile up the sand along the river somewhere to be trucked away. I like this method because it seems much less destructive than dredging, and Theiling seemed to believe in it. However, this method, similar to anything large scale, has a lot of hoops to jump through and doesn't really solve the problem of why the sand is in the river in the first place.
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Stonebrook Farm
A lovely late-summer day, about 85 degrees, sunny, with just enough clouds for rolling shade, found Marilyn Ostrow with a sketch pad, outlining the buildings at Stonebrook Farm with a sure, deft hand.

It was serene, and I sat in the grass under a large tree as Ostrow began unpacking paints and a canvas. As she moved her easel around, looking for just the right spot, she began recalling what Stonebrook looked like 50 years ago, when she was a young artist looking for inspiration in the Kankakee County countryside.
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Stonebrook Granja
Un día de verano tardío precioso, aproximadamente 85 grados, soleados, con justos bastantes nubes para rodar sombra, Marilyn encontrada Ostrow con un sketch almohadilla, perfilando los edificios en Stonebrook Granja con una mano segura, hábil. Sea serene, y senté en la hierba bajo un árbol
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