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Spanish Daily Journal
     January 29, 2020      #50-29 sdj

'Still facing same problems' 

'Todavía enfrenta los mismos problemas ' 

KANKAKEE — Fred Koger was only 19 when he left Kankakee. He just returned to the community he still calls home.

Koger, now 43, did not leave the city to find work nor to enter higher education. He left in handcuffs for his role in a November 1995 double homicide on the city’s north side.

He was released from prison and his life sentence about five months ago having served 24 years. He was released early because of changes in the law as to how minors — the person responsible for the crime was 17 — are prosecuted and sentenced.

Kroger and about 40 others took part in ...

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