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Spanish Daily Journal
     December 2, 2019      #55-336 sdj
Search Optimizationfor Small Business Websites

Question 1: Where do you want to be?

People use search engines to solve problems. So, what problems do you solve? Outline your products and servicesfollowing these three steps,

Step One, itemize your solutions. For example, a fence building and repair service might choose;

Wooden fence, vinyl fence, iron fence, chain link fencing, gates, etc. For most small business location matters, so don’t forget to include your city or town, (e.g. Kankakee fence).

Step Two, list action words. For example, Buy, install, repair, recommend, design, etc.

Step Three, mix together.For example, buy wooden fence, install iron fencing, repair chain links, etc.

The last step is to rank your ...

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