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Spanish Daily Journal
     October 23, 2019      #34-296 sdj
If you attended the Merchant Street MusicFest held in downtown Kankakee last month, you were hardly alone. Large crowds formed on both days, including Saturday, when this large throng moved about the festival grounds prior to dusk. Organizers placed the total attendance at about 10,500, an increase

Merchant Street MusicFest crowd surpasses

Merchant Street MusicFest multitud supera

The two-night 2019 Merchant Street MusicFest attracted an audience of some 10,500 people, an organizer said this week.

Steve Bertrand, Kankakee Events Partnership Committee chairman, reported the July 26-27 downtown Kankakee three-stage event held in the Depot Park attracted a paying crowd of 9,000. Another 1,500 passes came through sponsorships.

Tickets for the event are $5 per person.

Bertrand said total attendance of 2019 versus 2018 increased by about 500.

“We ...

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