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Spanish Daily Journal
     September 25, 2019      #43-268 sdj 0
Maise "Moo,"of Wilmington, disguised as a bunny. Makes it easier to catch them.
Pet of the Week: Sept. 25, 2019 

Name: Maisie “Moo”

Age: 1

My People and Place of Residence: Smith household, of Wilmington

A Little Bit About Me: I was a rescue pup from Kentucky. My litter mates and I were left alone when our mom passed away. I spent a few days in a shelter until my mom and dad found me. They tell me I rescued them, because I certainly shook things up for the better. I love to chase bunnies and cuddle with my blankie, and I always protect the house from the UPS guy. Now who do I talk to about getting more treats?

Favorite Things: When all the humans are home, I love to chase squirrels.

If I Could Speak, I Would Say: Please adopt before you shop. You save two lives — the life of your new pet ...

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