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     August 3, 2019      #18-215 sdj 0
Kankakee High School students walk among a row of school buses on campus during a recent spring afternoon. Graduation rates among area high schools have risen in recent years, and Kankakee is among the schools which experienced the most significant improvement.
Graduation rates up amoung area schools 

KANKAKEE — Nearly all local school districts have seen increases in their graduation rates over the past five years, reflecting a national trend.

Perhaps most striking is the jump in the rates at Kankakee and St. Anne Community high schools, according to the Illinois State Report Card website. Both have large numbers of students from low-income families.

In 2014, 74 percent of students at Kankakee High graduated within four years. That number rose to 92 percent in 2018. Nearly 60 percent of students are low-income.

At St. Anne, 87 percent of students graduated in 2018, a jump from 73 ...

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