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     July 25, 2019      #31-206 sdj 0
Members of local hip hop group Maroon Misfitz, from left, K-Soundz, Jecore, Nation Lyfe and Smitty, pose for a photo in Smittey's barber shop, CLippers X Caviar, in downtown Momence ahead of the band's debut at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Merchant Street MusicFest on the Merchant Street stage. The shop d
Maroon isfitz take Merchant Street 

The members of the Maroon Misfitz are just that: “Maroon,” as in one of the hard-to-miss Kankakee High School colors, and “Misfitz.”

“We’re all misfits in our way,” said group member ‘Chief’ (D’Angelo King). All of the Maroon Misfitz members hail from the Kankakee area.

For those of you who don’t know, the Maroon Misfitz categorize themselves as a hip-hop group. They’ve been making music together ever since meeting in 2012.

“I met my brother Chief, through an artist who said he was a nice bar-spitter, so I wanted to meet him for the first time” said group member Benjie LO.

After meeting D’Angelo, Benjie met Nation ...

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