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Spanish Daily Journal
     July 25, 2019      #19-206 sdj
Haylibig Lemonadez, a refreshment stand once located along East Court Street, is no longer in operation. Kankakee city and county officials advised the operators to halt sales because of various violations. In photo above, Hayli, 11 , and her mother, Iva Martenez, are seen operation the stand last m

Lemonade stand meets code cops 

Puesto de limonada cumple con policías de código

KANKAKEE — The lemonade is no longer flowing at an East Court Street stand where a local girl sells bottles of lemonade for 50 cents.

In June, the Daily Journal ran two stories about the house with the high-profile lemonade stand at 1042 E. Court St.

The first story was about the stand, which is operated by Iva Martenez and her daughter, Hayli, 11, the proceeds going to Hayli’s college fund.

The other one was about the Kankakee County Board’s decision to designate the house a historic landmark.

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