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Spanish Daily Journal
     July 18, 2019      #23-199 sdj
John Kraft of Edgar County Watchdogs on Tuesday unveils the racist message from a former Wesley Township trustee. The township office is 20 miles northwest of Kankakee.

Ex-official makes racist statement 

Ex funcionario hace declaración racista.

WILMINGTON — A former official in a southern Will County township said she and others charged a fee at a township park to prevent “blacks and Mexicans” from coming.

Debbie Sorensen Tennant, a former Wesley Township trustee, wrote to a resident in a private Facebook conversation in July about the township’s fees for camping and using the pavilion at Rival’s Lookout Park, which is along the Kankakee River.

“I know the park is supposed to be free and for everyone,” Tennant wrote on July 4, “but our thoughts were by charging (a) small amount and no sign on (Illinois) 102 we could try to keep this ...

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Residents are objecting to fees charged at Wesley Township's Rival's Lookout Park. A former trustee says the fees were a way to keep "blacks and Mexicans" away from the park.