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Spanish Daily Journal
     July 10, 2019      #59-191 sdj
Nancy Rish

Rish's attorneys argue for her to be resentenced

Los abogados de Rish argumentan para que ella sea

KANKAKEE — A judge will announce on July 26 whether he will order a new sentencing hearing for Nancy Rish for her role in the 1987 killing of Kankakee businessman Stephen A. Small.

Rish’s attorneys, Margaret Byrne and Steven Becker, and Assistant Illinois Attorney General Erin O’Connell argued before Judge Michael Sabol in Kankakee County court on Monday.

“We’re waiting for a wrong to be right,” Rish’s sister, Lori Guimond, said after the 25-minute hearing. Guimond said she visited her sister two weeks ago, and she is staying positive. Rish has been in prison almost 32 years.

Byrne said Rish ...

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