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Spanish Daily Journal
     July 2, 2019      #48-183 sdj 0
Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong speaks at the State of the City address in Kankakee in April.

Riverfront development plan moves aheadĀ 

KANKAKEE — Although there likely will be many hurdles to cross, the first one has been cleared for the proposed Kankakee riverfront development.

On Monday, by a series of three 10-2 votes, the Kankakee City Council approved the creation of a 293-acre Tax Increment Financing district, a redevelopment plan and the project area for the Kankakee Riverfront Project.

In short, the ambitious plan, driven by Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong, is to create a recreational/entertainment/business environment in and along the Kankakee River through southern and western portions of the city.

Now the ...

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