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Spanish Daily Journal
     July 2, 2019      #94-000 sdj

Riding the (air) waves in Kankakee

Montando las ondas (del aire) en Kankakee

By Jack Klasey

"Kankakee Thrilled By New Radio Station," trumpeted the Daily Journal in a large front-page headline on Monday, June 2, 1947. At 12:29 p.m. the preceding afternoon, chief engineer Robert Harrell had closed a large electrical switch, and an "On the Air" sign lit up in the WKAN studios at 183 N. Schuyler Ave. Listeners first heard the strains of the national anthem, followed by the voices of the station's program staff performing a specially written historical show entitled "Wonderful Land."

WKAN was the first Kankakee radio station, but not the first station to broadcast from Kankakee. Two decades earlier, ...

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