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Flames engulf the Department School building in this photo, probably taken from the roof of the Knights of Columbus Building at Merchant Street and Indiana Avenue. The cupola and roof of the school had already fallen in by this time. The building at left is Central School.
County museum seeks stories from past

Allison Shapiro

"We parked and walked as close as we were permitted. I will never forget the heat, crackling sounds of breaking glass and the huge crowds drawn, just as we were, to the fire."

That's how Kankakee County Museum Board Member Ken Ponton recalls the 1946 fire that destroyed the Departmental School, a building originally intended to serve as the Kankakee Senior High School. Ponton shared his memories as part of the museum's Historical Happenings project, which encourages residents to tell their stories.

While the museum has a rich collection of ...

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