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Spanish Daily Journal
     July 1, 2019      #34-182 sdj
The formerly pothole-ridden frontage road linking Manteno and Bourbonnais was improved last week. It is alternatively known as Cypress Drive and North 1000E Road
Rough road smoothed out 
Rough road smoothed out 

MANTENO — Near the end of “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray’s character says, “Anything different is good.”

Recently, drivers might have found something different about the frontage road linking Manteno to Bourbonnais — in a good way.

More than a week ago, the two villages wrapped up improvements to a little more than a mile of the road, which is alternatively known as Cypress Drive and North 1000E Road. The problem was the pothole-ridden southern part of the road, from East 7000N Road to Bourbonnais Parkway.

“It has been completely resurfaced, and ...

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