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A Marine salutes as The Wall That Heals is set up at Perry Farm Tuesday evening. The three-quarters replica Vietnam War Memorial will appear in only two illinois locations this year, and will be on display for 24-hour viewing in the park beginning Wednesday night until mid-afternoon on Sunday.
All gave some, some gave all 

Phil Angelo | philangelo@comcast.net

At least 31 men with ties to Kankakee County died in Vietnam.

Most of their names are listed on a black granite marker that was installed at the Perry Farm when the moving Vietnam Wall came to Bradley in July of 2001.

The first who died was Army Private First Class Francis Beck, who was killed Aug. 31, 1965. He had been in Vietnam only four days when he was killed. The last was Navy Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Richard Buell. He was a bombardier-navigator on a Grumman A6 Intruder flying off USS America the when the plane was shot down Sept. 17, 1972.

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