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Spanish Daily Journal
     June 3, 2019      #34-154 sdj
Terrence Haynes was set free Monday morning after wrongfully being imprisoned for the May 1999 murder of Cezaure Murrell. Haynes, who was convicted in August 2000, was released after a key witness recanted their trial statement.

Kankakee man has 1999 murder case dismissed 

Se despide caso de hombre de Kankakee por

KANKAKEE — A Kankakee man who had served 20 years for a 1999 murder was set free on Monday.

Terrence D. Haynes gained his freedom when Kankakee County State's Attorney Jim Rowe said his office was dismissing the charges.

"It feels great," Haynes said after the hearing.

He said he will be traveling to Florida to a see a relative. 

Haynes and his mother, Gail Gray, of Kankakee, walked arm and arm after they left the Kankakee County Courthouse. There were 15 to 20 family and friends in attendance.

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