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Spanish Daily Journal
     May 13, 2019      #48-133 sdj 0
Four Kankakee houses set for demolition 

KANKAKEE — The heavily fire-damaged house at 443 S. Indiana Ave. in Kankakee is set to finally be demolished.

In addition, three others properties — 342, 366 and 380 W. River St. — also are set for removal.

At Monday’s Kankakee City Council meeting, a contract to demolish the four properties was awarded to Ford Excavating and Wrecking Co., of Kankakee, at a cost of $51,100.

The houses at 342 and 366 W. River St. are set to be the first demolished.

The house at 380 W. River St. will be the third to come down and the ...

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