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Spanish Daily Journal
     May 9, 2019      #45-129 sdj
Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong recognizes staff members in April at the State of the City address in Kankakee.

Committee assignments draw discussion 

Asignaciones del comité atrae discusión  

KANKAKEE — The yearly assignments to the eight Kankakee City Council committees were set at Monday’s meeting, but not without debate.

The assignments set by senior council members Carl Brown, D-7, and Danita Grant Swanson, R-3, were OK’d by an 11-3 vote.

In years past, committee assignments had been set by the city administration. However, several aldermen balked at the assignments made during Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong’s first two years, so she turned the process over to the two most-senior council members.

The council leadership had said they would gain input ...

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