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Spanish Daily Journal
     March 12, 2019      #32-71 sdj 0
Kankakee High School Principal George Harris talks to about 40 people Monday night during a student safety meeting at Kankakee High School. Last Wednesday, a student stabbed another with a box cutter during a fight.
'Last Wednesday was a black eye'

After a lunchroom brawl that resulted in the suspension of 21 students last December, Kankakee High School has seen a decrease in fighting.

However, that progress has been overshadowed by a student getting stabbed with a box cutter last Wednesday between lunch periods.

“What happened last Wednesday was a black eye to me and this administration,” Principal George Harris told a crowd of 40 parents Monday night at the high school.

“Until then, I never had a weapon used on another student. Yes, I have confiscated a lot of weapons and found a lot of weapons in and around school ...

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