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Spanish Daily Journal
     March 11, 2019      #19-70 sdj
Ramon and Katlyn Diaz, of Bradley, recently purchased Bill’s Diner from longtime owners Bill and Vicky Drimonas. The name and staff will remain as the Diaz’s take on their third restaurant venture, joining Pachanga down the street and La Villetta at the Elks in St. Anne.

New owners at Bill's Diner

Nuevos dueños en Bill's Diner

Ramon and Katlyn Diaz have expanded their growing restaurant business as the Bradley couple recently purchased the popular Bradley restaurant, Bill’s Diner.

The couple purchased the business from Bill and Vicky Drimonas, who had owned and operated the restaurant for the past 27 years.

The Diaz’s are owners of La Villetta at the Elks in St. Anne and Pachanga, at the corner of West Brookmont ...

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