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Spanish Daily Journal
     February 20, 2019      #29-51 sdj
The Rev. Raymond Lescher, of Hopkins Park, addresses the crowd gathered outside the Dwight Public Service Complex on Tuesday. Protesters opposed the new immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center being considered by the planning commission. The commission later recommended the proposal.

ICE facility moves forward in Dwight

La instalación de ICE avanza en Dwight

DWIGHT — A proposal to build a 1,200-bed immigration jail in Dwight is moving forward.

The Dwight Planning Commission voted Tuesday to recommend the village board work with the private firm Immigration Centers of America to place the facility near the Livingston County community located about 30 miles west of Kankakee. The village board meets next at 6:30 p.m. Monday.

Tuesday’s vote came after members heard considerable opposition to the plan. More than 100 protestors, including Dwight residents and activists from across the state, gathered to state their case against an Immigration and Customs Enforcement prison being sited in ...

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