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Spanish Daily Journal
     February 5, 2019      #45-36 sdj 0
Black history exhibit showcases national heroes and local roots

Lloyd L. Gaines was an African-American man who rocked the civil rights movement when the Supreme Court case, Gaines v. Canada, allowed him to enroll in the University of Missouri School of Law. One night in March 1939, he walked out of his Chicago fraternity house and was never heard from again.

“It’s an interesting story, even today. They have not located any trace of his body or belongings to this day,” said Dr. Leonard Porter, of St. Anne.

A framed photograph of Gaines is one of the first artifacts featured in Porter’s exhibit of Alkebulan history.

“When I have students here, I have them start [at this photograph],” he said, “and it usually sets the ...

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