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Spanish Daily Journal
     February 4, 2019      #18-35 sdj
Acting Kankakee Police Chief Price Dumas looks on as Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong discusses a shooting at a press conference in October 2017.

Two city officers amoung 5 Kankakee police chief

Entre los 5 finalistas para el cargo de jefe de

KANKAKEE — Two officers from the Kankakee Police Department are among five finalists to fill the full-time Kankakee police chief position, which has been vacant for about two years.

Lt. Dave Skelly, investigation’s commander of the Kankakee Police Department, and Lt. Donnell Austin Sr., patrol commander for city police, will be considered for the position.

Resumes for the two officers were presented to the 14 Kankakee City Council members in the city council board packet late last week.

In addition to Skelly and Austin, three other resumes also were included.

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