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Spanish Daily Journal
     January 22, 2019      #26-22 sdj

Ziemer is featured artist at Old Courthouse Museum

Ziemer es un artista destacado en el Museo Old Courthouse

Daily Journal staff report

Maureen Ziemer, formerly of Chicago and now of Milford, is the featured artist in the Art Gallery at the Old Courthouse Museum in Watseka. Her exhibit will run during January and February.

Ziemer’s expression is through the use of magazine publications and re-creating themed paper collage compositions from the pictures. Color, shape and texture are part of the overall effect of each work of art.

“Art is a cultural expression. It can be made from anything around us. I choose a theme, a design and colors, a picture with pictures,” said Ziemer in a news release from the museum. “Books, magazines and newspapers provide me with inspiration to then conceptualize an idea. ...

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