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Spanish Daily Journal
     December 18, 2018      #50-352 sdj
A number of people at the Bourbonnais village board meeting spoke out Monday against a proposed tax levy increase.

Bourbonnais OKs tax levy hike

Bourbonnais aprueba alza de impuestos

BOURBONNAIS — The Bourbonnais village board on Monday approved a nearly 8 percent increase in the amount of money it plans to collect from taxpayers next year, despite objections from residents.

At the same time, the village is reducing the tax levy for borrowing by a far more significant amount, officials said.

Village officials told residents they were required to increase the main tax levy because of increased spending on pensions and health care, among other costs.

The board voted 4-2 for the increase. The dissenters were members Jeff Keast and Jack Littrell, who are running for ...

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