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Spanish Daily Journal
     November 26, 2018      #11-330 sdj
The Kankakee River Metropolitan Agency met for 41 minutes this week. Meeting payments to board members totaled $4,375 or $106 per minute.

Officials get $15 a minute

Los funcionarios reciben $ 15 por minuto

KANKAKEE — The board that oversees the regional sewer treatment plant held its monthly meeting this week.

The session’s price tag: $4,375, which works out to $106 per minute.

The costs are because of the payments made to the seven board members — $600 per meeting attended for rank-and-file members, $700 for the chairman, $650 for the vice chairman and $625 for the secretary.

At the sewer plant’s offices, the KRMA board met on Tuesday for 41 minutes, 21 of which were behind closed doors.

For a rank-and-file member, ...

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