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Spanish Daily Journal
     September 13, 2018      #10-256 sdj
Kankakee County Board member Robert Ellington-Snipes, right, makes the case for a cupcake law at Tuesday’s meeting. Next to him is Michael LaGesse, who opposes such a law. Their split votes is indicative of how the full board weighed in on the matter.

County rejects 'cupcake law'

Condado rechaza 'ley cupcake'

By a razor-thin margin, the Kankakee County Board on Tuesday rejected a proposed “cupcake law,” which would have allowed home-based bakeries.

This decision followed a recommendation from the county’s top health official and representatives of two full-fledged bakeries.

The issue prompted a larger debate regarding the reach of government regulation.

Just eight out of Illinois’ 102 counties have approved cupcake laws, according to the county health department. Under state law, counties can allow home bakeries as long as they make no more than $1,000 per month. They can ...

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