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Spanish Daily Journal
     August 21, 2018      #20-232 sdj
Officials from area agencies met Monday to discuss mental health issues at the Kankakee Public Library.


Enfermedad mental vinculada a la falta de vivienda

KANKAKEE — A study shows that Kankakee County has fewer mental health care providers than the statewide average, a situation some say causes more homelessness.

On Monday, Rhonda Showers, of Peoples Church, organized a meeting at the Kankakee Public Library of about two dozen officials from various organizations to discuss mental health issues. Their aim is to create the Mental Health Network, which would meet monthly.

Showers said she was surprised to see the 2014 statistic that there were 1,379 patients for every mental health provider in Kankakee County, compared with 864 statewide.

“That was really discouraging to me as a private citizen,” said Showers, who represents Peoples Church in ...

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