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     June 27, 2018      #30-177 sdj
Mark Janus, the plaintiff in Janus vs. AFSCME, speaks to supporters outside the U.S Supreme Court back in February.

No decision Monday, but Supreme Court expected to

No hay decisión el lunes, pero la Corte Suprema espera

Millions of workers across the country could have the right to work for their government without having to pay fees to a union with a U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week on the Illinois case Janus vs. AFSCME.

While no decision was rendered Monday, the court will add another decision day this week, including Tuesday.

Mark Janus, a child support specialist for the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, says his First Amendment rights guaranteeing him freedom of association are being violated because he is forced to pay a union he doesn’t agree with politically.

Opponents ...

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