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Spanish Daily Journal
     May 23, 2018      #53-142 sdj
Gov. Bruce Rauner, center, addresses reporters outside his state Capitol office in Springfield on May 8. Rauner, a Republican, wants to reinstate the death penalty in the state. He added the provision Monday into gun legislation favored by Democrats. The bill now goes back to the Democratic-controll
Democrats grill Rauner aide on death penalty plan

The Associated Press

SPRINGFIELD — Democratic legislators grilled a top aide to Illinois Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner Monday regarding a compromise plan to reinstate the death penalty in exchange for even stricter gun restrictions than the ones the Legislature approved.

Rauner used his veto powers last week to insert the capital punishment language, along with measures that include extending the waiting period on all guns from 24 to 72 hours, into a bill both chambers approved with veto-proof majorities. The original bill would impose the restriction just for assault-style weapons.

The prospect of returning capital punishment is a long shot in Illinois, where executions were halted ...

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