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Spanish Daily Journal
     April 30, 2018      #23-119 sdj
Elizabeth Wroblewski, 10, of Bourbonnais, wrote Bourbonnais Mayor Paul Schore a letter last month, asking the village board to reconsider an ordinance that forbids residents to raise chickens within the village's corporate limits.
Will letter hatch change?

John Dykstra

Elizabeth Wroblewski toured the aisles of Blain’s Farm & Fleet with her grandpa and 7-year-old brother.

She was in awe after seeing a pen of baby chicks. After bonding with the chicks for a while, the 10-year-old Bourbonnais resident asked her grandfather if they could take some home to raise.

Her “Papa,” Harold Shamblin, had to break the bad news to his grandchildren: Bourbonnais does not allow residents to raise chickens in corporate limits.

“They were really cute,” ...

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