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Spanish Daily Journal
     April 10, 2018      #31-99 sdj
Shoppers enter the Sears at Northfield Square Mall in Bradley Saturday, looking for bargains ahead of the store's closing. Now, for the first time in 85 years, Kankakee County does not have an active Sears retail outlet.
Sayonara, Sears: Bradley location closes doors

The Daily Journal Staff report

The swan song for what was once a fixture among area retailers has been sung.

The Sears Store at Northfield Square mall in Bradley closed Sunday. At the end, the areas of the store, which once were filled with sale items, were largely barren, although the cash registers still were ringing at a brisk pace Saturday as customers bought remaining merchandise, which had been slashed by as much as 75 percent.

There has been a Sears in Kankakee County since 1933 when the retail giant opened a store on South Schuyler Avenue in Kankakee. Sears proceeded to prosper for decades ...

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These are the signs posted on the exterior door of the Sears at Northfield Square mall in Bradley this morning. The store first opened there in 1990.